The reason I chose this title is that planning a trip to Europe and going their with the person you love, has always been a dream of mine. I kind of always felt that getting a Schengen visa is a bit of a task and for some reason, it is going to get rejected😂. The destinations we chose were Paris (France), Interlaken and Lucerne (Switzerland), since both these countries can make you fall in love even more. We started our journey on 2nd March 2022 with a late night flight and since we were super duper excited, we reached the airport early or to simply put, it was a protocol to be followed due to covid 19😅. First trip together as a couple, scared yet happy, was the look on both of our faces. We took the flight from New Delhi to Paris and the return was from Zurich (Switzerland). Our stay was for 8 nights and 9 days.

Day 1: Reached Paris airport, all excited and left for our hotel which was in Gare de Lyon. We had pre-booked a cab pick up from the airport to our hotel, but bus and train options are also easily available. Our hotel was Ibis which is closer to metro/train, bus stand, restaurant, supermarket, pharmacy, bars (city centre is easily accessible via the metro). My husband has a thing for maps so he just took one from the hotel (actually from all the hotels we were in, on this trip) and lead the way proudly. First stop was Pl. de l’Opéra, a lovely and a very central quarter in Paris. Also, the tourist information centre is just two blocks away from Opera, where one can buy tickets to museums, hop on hop off buses, Disneyland etc.

Day 2: After having a lovely French breakfast at the hotel, we left for Arc de Triomphe and Eiffel Tower. No introduction needed for the beautiful Eiffel Tower, trust me it’s a must visit, especially at night when it lightens up and you can see the view of whole city from the top. I’d say its easier to commute in Europe via metro (and a map 😉) rather than bus as I personally believe that the bus schedules are a tad bit confusing. Arc de Triomphe honors those who fought and died for France, during the French Revolution and the Napoleonic Wars. It is a very famous monument with the names of all French victories and generals inscribed on its inner and outer surfaces.

Day 3: Disneyland!!!! Who is not excited for a day full of rides and meeting your favourite Disney characters, seeing the parade and eating a lot of junk food. Prepare yourselves for a lot of walking and standing queues, as it gets way more crazier during the weekends.

Day 4: Was all about resting and some souvenir shopping.

Day 5: Checked out from the hotel and left for Interlaken. A train ride with heavenly views awaited us. So, it’s advisable to acquire a Swiss Pass if you’re visiting Switzerland for more than 2 days, since all forms of public transportation (trains, busses etc) are included within this pass (no hassle of buying individual tickets each and every time). We checked in the Hotel Bernerhof Interlaken which is right in front of the train station.

Day 6: Was all about Jungfrau excursion, popularly know as ”Top of Europe”. We started by having a heavy English breakfast (kudos to our hosts for the wide variety of european cuisines that they served), post which we proceeded towards the train station and after a beautiful scenic one hour long ride, we arrived at the excursion kickoff. Day well spent, soaking up snow covered mountains of the Bernese Alps and its chilly winds.

Day 7: Fun fact – I did not know Lucerne looked exactly like Amsterdam. I have only seen Amsterdam in pictures and Lucerne was an exact replica (dream come true). Checked into Hotel Ameron Flora and left for some window shopping but ended up buying a butt load of things. You can find all sorts of brands in Lucerne and lots of fabulous restaurants.

Day 8: Mount Titlis was our second excursion and we thoroughly enjoyed spending the day, exploring the wide range of fun activities that were in store for us. From the amazing cable car ride up the top of Titlis to the action packed snow tubing at the Trusbee Snow Park. Words are not enough to portray the adrenalin rush I felt while taking the cliff walk.

It’ll be hard to get over these streets of Europe and the fact that these countries are so jaw-droppingly beautiful and have abundance to offer to us tourists. My husband and I have made a pact to visit at least two European countries each year, so we could just pause for a bit, from our hectic lives, and enjoy these little moments that actually matter.

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