It is such a shift life has made since 2020 lockdown, remote working has become a phenomenon, people who were extremely busy juggling between …home – office – kids school – hometown visits – holiday break….are now so comfortable with the relevance of no travel time wastage. Introduction of new technology has also highlighted the world which is different from traditional way of working.

During lockdown, we all were locked inside our homes, we are not visiting malls, restaurants or multiplexes the way we used to, we are not juggling between that daily traffic, those metro change-overs or spending the primary hours of our day in office…And this made us ponder that we were somehow spending more time with our colleagues or bosses than our parents or spouse. During those days, we all felt those moments of just a happy chat with our family without keeping a count of time and the feeling of contentment of having family meals together…

*These days have made us all run down the memory lane*……. It has given us a glimpse of our childhood again, which was away from multi-storey buildings or hi-tech gadgets or our faces down into the little box in our hands called cell phone; and instead the life was more likely the real happiness- our family, the little messy chores, that togetherness, and also being thoughtful of the underprivileged (and not just flaunting to think about them because it’s fashionable). During this phase, the tough corporate world which was only a self-obsessed profit generating machine, has also shown a more humane side to its employees & to the world. 

Group video calls with cousins & friends have given us all glimpse of those faded get-togethers, where umpteeeeeen number of family members used to be present together, and the arrangements of maintaining them was not a big issue (as they say – it all falls in place when you have a heart to do it); telecast of old programs on television which were a mandatory accompaniment with our Sunday breakfast parathas; never ending rounds of ludo, badminton; managing with same wardrobe for weeks; letting your skin breathe without makeup; sharing household chores (the burden of which had fallen on that one silent underrated member of family, since others were busy earning their handsome pay packages). Re-living some part of it again appeared to be a strange little dream which was buried under  our memory lane. Don’t know how it happened… just did. I can’t remember if my child ever met with her cousins the way I did; infact, I can’t remember when I last met my cousins the way I used to when we were kids… 🙂 miss those summer vacations, miss those group fights, miss those messy muddy games.. Just want to say to all of them “I miss you all ❤” I really wish we have not brought down the world and our lives to what it is going through today…wish you all safety and good health..

*..sharing with all the readers just a lighter side of my quarantine experience…*

Closing with a popular thought by someone..”Daayra har baar banata hu zindagi ke liye, lakeere wahi rehti hain, mai khisak jaata hu”..

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