If you are successfully able to understand the power of responding rather than reacting, in a difficult situation, person or a feeling; you have managed to win most of the problems of this century!!

  • Have you experienced those toxic relatives or friends who you don’t wish to see ever but cannot do so due to social obligations?
  • Are you going through the pressure of office politics, not being respected by your colleagues or not being acknowledged properly for all the handwork you put?
  • Do you feel overwhelmed in general most of the times and have burst out in anger and said things which you totally know you shouldn’t?

If you have often found yourself in a position of venting out where it could have been easily avoided, you should definitely try the art of RESPONDING rather than REACTING!!

For this, first and foremost we must understand and accept that many situations, people or things are out of our control. We are not born mature; we need to develop the sense of maturity with time, with the various choices we make in life as we grow.

Whenever you feel a strong emotion, PAUSE!!….give it few seconds….and UNDERSTAND if this emotion is really connected to your true personality, you larger self, is this your true emotion?? If not, refrain from an outburst at such emotion.

Understand that “Reacting” is an action driven by emotions, it is an unconscious choice; whereas “Responding” is a conscious choice we make after clarity and wisdom.

When we “react”, we give away our power to the circumstance and it takes control; whereas when we “respond” we take control!! Because in the latter, we pause, we think, we choose and we act consciously.

There is no better feeling than to be in control of your emotions. It feels great to be able to understand and differentiate between situations – when you need to put forward your feelings clearly and when you need to draw a line and close with less words or may be even with silence.

Let’s try to follow this art of responding rather than reacting every possible day and once we get a grip of it and are able to find our center; we are not only looked in a better way by others, but also we experience inner peace, satisfaction and happiness!!

Stay Positive!

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