Never underestimate what a decorative or beautifully utilized corner can do to the look of your house. While focusing on the min furniture prices, we often tend to neglect the corners, which add the oomph factor to your already beautiful home. You would also be surprised that how-so-ever tiny it is, it can be storage for many important purposes. There are plenty of options, rent friendly as well as fixed alterations, like keeping a console, jute basket, planters, wall shelf with decorative items, reading corner, shoe rack, turning it into a photo wall of memories or creating a unit in the space.

While getting our flat constructed, we had liberty to utilize our carpenters and hence requested them to create a beautiful unit, which we utilse as a bar unit plus storing some crockery. We added beauty to it by including rose gold profile hands and a strip light inside the cabinet with glass doors. It was a tiny space but after this unit, it just adds glory to this corner. Even if you have a tinier space, a unit of any size can fit. Just check it out how much it can store, from bottles to glasses to snack and dinner crockery. If you notice, since this was just the middle of our whole house, we also added our wifi device over the top.

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