…read between the lines…

Today, nobody wishes to compromise on their looks. ….Every bride is special and so they leave no stone unturned to have that perfect Deepika Padukone look or Anushka Sharma bridal look; and they nail it! …No employee would compromise on the cut of their suit, alongwith having a perfect PPT (for the uninitiated, read PowerPoint presentation) for that important meeting… The fresher’s party, or farewell party, or wedding of classmate’s big brother, witness these under 18s who can give the Oscar winners a run for their money!

You all are fashion advisors in your own capacity today. But let me give you some very important fashion trends that must be inculcated to give that overall impact and without which your most expensive assembles can go for a toss; and these trends never ever go out of trend!

Tip no.1: Well groomed

No matter which designer you follow, do not forget to ensure that your hair, your nails are well trimmed and whatever you are wearing is well ironed and spotless, your shoes are polished and remember to get rid of those threads and unnecessary folds ruining that finesse. Tip inside this tip is when in case of a fix between a high fashion dress (which is a little untidy piece) and the lesser fashionable dress but utmost superior in its range, go for the latter one without any doubt because no matter how nearly the former one resembles one of the piece worn by your favorite celebrity, it will never come out the same way finally, if it’s not properly tailored.

Tip no.2: Fragrance is the key

Please identify your smell (no, not your sweat ) for that final thumbs up and do make sure you are smelling pleasant. It can be a nice soothing perfume or your own well-maintained natural body fragrance. Tip inside this tip is to use little lemon drops in your daily bathing water, which after a few weeks of use, start to give natural body fragrance (don’t ask me what if you shower only) And also make sure not to use that obnoxious deodorant that make people run away and works just opposite.

Tip no.3: Cleanliness is godliness…this first lesson should not be forgotten!

Have a heart to read and accept what’s coming here. Please keep your fingers out of your nose, stop adjusting your clothes in middle of the public (believing the 2 people in front are not looking but you know, the 4 behind you, are!) or stop spitting while you speak in excitement; refrain from stuffing food on your plate or in your mouth together in one go or dripping your fingers in the gravy. !! The list is long, and you may be guilty of some of them. It is very important to identify these because people do notice, even if you don’t acknowledge doing it, and try and clear such acts by making conscious efforts! Tip between this tip is to be honest and to be your own spectator about your neatness and cleanliness habits.

Tip no.4: Check those tiny essentials and thus appreciate having them

When you are all decked-up and are about to leave for that important event, please do check for those tiny essentials which sometimes are a game changer. And these can be things you already have in your wardrobe and do not need to be spent upon separately. That wrist watch gifted to you, those funky rings you just picket from the street vendor, that small bag with quirky colors you picked randomly in sale, that pocket hanky or scarf which never matched with anything earlier, that pin which broke out from a shimmer box and may act as a nice broch or hairclip..any of it and may be more which never got an opportunity to attend an event with you. Check them out, they can be your hidden assets! Keep evaluating them once in a while to identify when is the right time to use them and you may also end up cleaning your cluttered drawers (tip between the tip).

Tip no.5: Say Cheese! Don’t forget to wear this essential!

Saving the best for the last. No matter which dress you wear on your body, what you wear on your face will always outshine it. Please do not forget to wear your most valuable accessory – your smile 😊 And the best thing which compliments it perfectly are your manners. Greet everyone you meet with a smile, be happy with what you are doing, feel joy in your actions, be respectful to the people around, to the ladies and also to that waiter. Nothing can beat you in this fashion trend.

Trust me guys! Whether you invest in fashion brands or not, all of it will fade away one day, most of it may not fit in on all occasions; but the above 5 fashion tips will always take a rocking fashionista out of you!

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