This is a superb 10 minute chicken salad recipe. Trust me it’s so delicious, you can easily use it as a party snack. This is one salad, my different set of non-vegetarian guests have called me for the recipe. If you have time, you can also do numerous simple variations with it, like sauté the veggies in ginger garlic paste before adding etc. Even with simple steps given below it stands out! Do give it a try!


Boiled sweet corns          : 1 bowl

Broccoli                            : 3-4 florets

Red bell pepper               : 1/4

Yellow bell pepper          : 1/4

Carrot                              : 1 small

Purple cabbage               : 1/4

Chicken smoked breast : 2 pieces

(I use packed smoked chicken breast from GreenChick shop brand which is already processed, but you can use any chicken breast and if it is raw and not processed already, do sauté slightly on pan with little oil and salt & pepper)

For dressing:

Salt as per taste

Black pepper                 : 1/4 tsp

Funfood Burger meyo   : 3-4 tbsp


1 Cut all the veggies except corn in small pieces and put in a bowl

2 Chop smoked chicken breast into rough small pieces and add in the bowl

3 Add all the dressing ingredients over the chicken & veggies, and give a mix

4 You may keep in fridge and serve as cold salad garnished with coriander

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