Great food – cooked & served well – sets a blaze to most humans. The hard work which is put to get the recipe perfect, amplifies multifold when appropriate cookware and serve wares are put to use; and the aesthetic value added to the whole process especially to the final result, is not only a treat to the people eating food but also to the person who cooks it.

I learnt cooking after my marriage since my husband was obsessed with home cooked food – a complete opposite to me. And while I did it with all my heart, I benefitted doing it in a more aesthetic way due to maturity that comes with age and also due to the urge to impress him.

Let me share with all of you some of the most useful, beautiful and superior quality products available on; which are great use in kitchen:

  1. Bowl for Salad: This beautifully looking wooden medium size bowl (or small sized serving bowl) for serving salads is just amazing and so useful. It comes with a stylish salad spoon and fork of matching print and the whole set is extremely eye catching. This is available in different designs and costs Rs.749 (price when I bought the item). It definitely adds a very nice look for the starter salad to be served. You may also use it to serve other dry snacks or fruits like chips, biscuits, dry fruits, etc.

Please don’t leave it in water after use as it is made of wood. I have been using it from few months and it is still good. I purchased it from and the link is given here

2. White Nonstick Frying Pan: This product is so good in order to satisfy my aesthetic needs while cooking. Cooking crapes, pan cakes, dosa, vegetable uttapam, omlette, French toasts, sooji toast, tikki, cheela, sweet bread and lot of other things where I require a non-stick pan for easy cooking, this pan has become so handy. Making school lunch box quickly in the early morning hours requires me to use a nonstick frequently due to child friendly healthy yet crispy dishes (some stated above).

Apart from the fact that it is a non-stick, it is great. But, of course you need to keep it maintained to keep up the color and feel. I do not cook sabzi and other super greasy and spicy dishes in it and it is still going good from months. The pan is available with lid and without lid but I would strongly recommend you to buy the lid as well for the whole cooking experience.  It has transparent glass lid with wooden handle which matches the wooden handle of the pan. This pan is available in different sizes and is from CAROTE brand. The brand also offers a similar beautifully looking kadhai, tawa, pot and ladles. These are available in grey colour as well and in a set of different utensils. The Amazon link for the pan with lid that I bought at Rs.1200/- is

3. Stainless Steel Deep Frypan with Stainless Steel Lid: This has been the most useful cookware since I bought it. My old kadhai was now done since I was using it from years (though it’s still useful but has lost the charm) and this wok like deep pan is a great replacement to the daily cooking for me. The best thing about it is that it is made of stainless steel unlike my previous daily us kadhai. It is from a reputed brand VINOD. It has a good diameter of 22cm and is induction and gas stove friendly.

I can easily cook a meal of 2-5 people in this and this is surely a keeper. The name suggests it to be a frypan but it actually is a kadhai with pan like handle. It costs Rs.2400 but keeping in view its quality, usefulness and longevity, it is worth the price. The Amazon link to purchase this item is

4. Stainless Steel (or Steel Copper) Hammered Design Handi/Bowl/Casserole with Toughened Glass Lid & Brass Knob & Handles: The likes of our mothers are very tough to please when it comes to utensils, because the quality that was available at their times is difficult to find today. But this serving bowl impressed my MIL instantly when I gifted her for using for the purpose of serving everyday daal / sabzi. This comes in different sizes I gave my MIL a small bowl of 500 ml (costing Rs.1100) and a bigger bowl of 1300 ml (costing Rs.1650). It has a very luxurious royal look, beautiful transparent glass lid and strong surface. I have found its handle to be very thin but they are sturdy.

These bowls are available in stainless steel and in steel copper structure. Links are below:

Buy INDIAN ART VILLA IndianArtVilla Steel Copper Handi Bowl with Glass Lid, for Serving Dishes, Tableware, 500 ML Online at Low Prices in India –

Buy Indian Art Villa Stainless Steel Hammered Design Handi/Bowl/Casserole with Toughened Glass Lid & Brass Knob & Handles, Volume-1300 ml, 1 Piece Online at Low Prices in India –

5. Ladles, tongs & trivet: For cooking and serving, you definitely need wooden ladles for the nonstick and good quality tongs amongst other items. From all the ladles I have purchased online, providing you links of three best items that are working consistently good even after being used from months:

Wooden Spatula with great enough sharpness at the edge to give a good flip at price of Rs.160

Wooden ladle for cooking gravy dishes without spoiling your nonstick at price of Rs.240

Silicon cooking tong available in different colours and sizes starting from Rs.300

Beautiful and spacious black trivet; which is very sturdy and enhances and look of kitchen countertop, and can hold upto two big vessels at a time, available under Rs.500