It’s always a treasure like for a mother to get a list of productive ideas on how to keep kids busy when schools are closed, or when you want to work from home, or in a more currently apt situation of extreme global warming and minimalist lifestyle, where there is an additional very important need to stop the kids from going out of four walls of the home for safety and health.

It is indeed a difficult phase and all of us and are trying to deal better each day. Each one of us will have moments of joy, happiness, sadness, anxiety, irritation, uncertainty and helplessness; and it is only natural under these circumstances. As parents / guardians, we must understand what impact this changed social minimalist behaviour would be causing on the little children who do not yet have the level of maturity, resilience or patience expected from adults.

It is practically very difficult to keep the kids inside the house, occupied productively and entertained as well. Here are few ways for you which you should use when you are required to keep your kids engaged inside the house:

  1. Cooking / Fireless cooking / Baking:

This has always been in my list, being a working mother who rarely gets the time to try recipes I thought I will try when I would have time, and voila! It came out as an apt time put this task into execution. Depending upon age of your child, you can engage with them in different kinds of cooking – be it full-fledged roasted paneer tikka, home-made burgers, pizzas, biryani or basics like – salads, healthy sandwiches, baking cakes or home-made breads. The best part to do it with your kids is your customised decoration which is also the most enjoyable part of your kids. There are ample of ideas also available on our website to try simple recipes and without and major ingredients and equipment. This will not only make arranging food fun for your family but also, doing it more number of times, will make your child and husband learn to help you in this area as well, when you need a break out of it.

  • Fun learning games

Develop the basic areas of learning in your child by fun games like asking riddles, logical reasoning questions, crosswords, scrabble, puzzles, Word Maker (game where each player has to create maximum words out of one given big word), Atlas, etc.

You may also choose wise board games and develop interest of your child in these plus have a leisure time yourself. Ludo, chess, business, cards – all of these inculcate basic skill-set of your child, keeps them away from screen and give them family fun time too.

I have specifically devoted a time of the day when I ask fun riddles to my child and sum-up by informing two facts of the day; and she enjoys it the most. She, then, repeats the riddles and facts to friends and relatives and feels like a knowledgeable teacher. It keeps her occupied and is increasing her knowledge as well. If you start to do this every day, gradually your child will start devoting some independent time doing some of the favourite activities. But it’s always your task to make them sit for doing it.

  • Engage them in house chores

How much you always wanted to this – engage whole family in house hold chores. Though, the primary burden will always be on you, even then, things can improve for better during this time. And do not underestimate your child, they are capable enough to do a lot of little chores, thus keeping them occupied and at the same time making them feel important contributor to the house and a help to mamma. For tiny ones, you can pick sip le chores like making table, making bed, watering the plants, folding clothes, picking up dishes, dusting, moving little things from one place to another, arranging their toys; elder one’s can even do dishes and hang laundry.

  • Virtual catch-up with family and friends

Let’s use the technology comparatively better. Rather than leaving the kids with videos on you tubes or hours of watching cartoons, movies; connect them with grandparents over video calls. These elderlies were left out somewhere in our fast-paced lives and they have all the time to keep your kids occupied, though by only virtual mode in current circumstances. They can also chat with their friends and can play verbal games virtually. This is also a good way to stay connected with people and not to distant yourself completely, even after having a minimalist lifestyle.

  • School activities, now home routine

The modern day schools have list of co-curricular activities in their curriculum. Some of them not even known to us. Being occupied in our lives, we missed out to check each of them in detail and actually never learnt in detail how the child is copying with each of them. And if we have realised our child is not performing their best, we could not take out appropriate time to devote and make them understand / practice those activities. Please use this time to take up that long pending role. Even if there are not much activities in the school, make your child learn these now, through you, and make them a routine. My child’s teacher always informed me she is good in gymnastics so we made it a point that she becomes our instructor for daily morning exercise. Check their progress in music, painting, craft making, taekwondo, or any other activity. Also, try to make them self-study for some time of the day for sure. In fact, it is always great to make self-study time a part of their daily routine, no matter a crisis or not.

  • Other interesting and captivating engagements

There are also various other things your kids would love to get engaged in, for e.g. ask them to draw a hero and a villain like characters and once they are done, ask them to narrate a story that’s comes to their mind on those characters; thus creating a cartoon by themselves. Role play is also one such thing which every child loves to do, some indoor gardening, treasure hunt is one big mind challenging game that kids of any age finds fun in, storytelling, building castles or cars with pillows or dupattas; the list can go on.

Let’s utilise this time to do all those things with our kids which we could never take out time for. Let’s make them experience that there is life and fun beyond malls and screens. Wish you and your families healthy and safe time.

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